Carats — a new foundation for global transactions.

Carats facilitate secure, efficient, and globally compliant P2P transactions through a well-regulated structure that stands apart from virtual currencies, promising lower transaction costs and expedited payment solutions for developers and users alike.

Carats enable developers to offer global payments without money transmitter registrations in hundreds of jurisdiction. Here's how:

Well regulated and secure

• Managed by a bankruptcy-remote trust.

• All Carats are redeemable for trust-held commodities.

• Exempt from cryptocurrency regulations like Bitlicense.

Efficient global transactions

• Supported by local payment processors for efficient and often free pay-ins and pay-outs

.• Leveraged in P2P transactions across various currencies.

• Facilitated through a robust API for integration in various platforms, including social networks and games.

User & developer-friendly

• No user accounts held by any fiduciary, enhancing security

• Lower transaction costs for users

• Simplifies payment offerings for developers with lower expenses

Compliance & taxation

• Abides by anti-money laundering and tax reporting requirements

.• VAT applicable on physical delivery.

• Possible income tax implications on Carats appreciation.

Meet Diamond Standard Carats

Diamond Standard Carats are commodity tokens issued by the wireless chips inside Diamond Standard Coins and Bars. They allow for fractional ownership of diamonds and are similarly traded and transferred on the exchange.

Commodity exchange as
a medium of cross-border
remittance for Africans.

Strong partnership

To create a global foundation for instant P2P transactions, Bloc and Diamond Standard have established a regional vault, to asset-back local settlement for African remittance transactions.

Purchases are local to buyer

When users purchase Carats, they buy part of a local Coin from Diamond Standard, akin to a gram of gold, using their local currency.

Recipients receive value in their local currency.

When users transfer Carats over a blockchain network, they are transferring ownership of a commodity—into a Coin local to the recipient. That commodity, now owned by the recipient, can be immediately sold back to Diamond Standard for local currency.

Securely move money between borders with ease.

Can serve as a medium of value exchange.

Alternatively, the user can retain the Carats for future use or take physical delivery of a local commodity from a merchant who accepts carats.

Exempt from cryptocurrency license regulations.

Every transaction is local to each user. There is no money transmission or currency exchange—no bank or broker is needed.

Strict compliance to local payment regulations.

Local payment providers handle pay in/out and enforce KYC, AML and tax reporting.The commodities themselves issue the vault receipt tokens held directly by users. There are no accounts, token custody, or sponsor.

Payment processing with
Diamond Carats

Practical applications in payments.

Remittances, cross-border payments, on/off ramping, CBDC settlement, private bank digital currency, gaming, sports, casinos & entertainment.

$0 fee to use Carats.

A real store of wealth you can use for payments — Carats are a commodity token issued from Diamond Standard Coins and Bars.

Buy carats for yourself or request API docs to embed the carats fractional ownership program into your existing financial services program/product.

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